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Instinct Magazine — “Have Pride, Will Travel”

We are completely thrilled to have the WWP project featured on Instinct’s website.  Instinct is one of America’s leading gay men’s magazine, and we’d really like to thank their Associate Editor Jeff Katz, who is the first editor in the states to share our vision about this project.

The feature includes an interview, explaining the inspiration behind the project, as well as our future plans.

You can read the first two parts here:

Have Pride, Will Travel: Part 1

Have Pride, Will Travel: Part 2

Interview with Fr. Richard Mickley, retired MCC minister

Helping people sign up at the 2009 Manila Pride March, Fr. Richard Mickley continues to show his support for the LGBT movement, as he has done for the last 40 some years.

With firsthand experience of the founding of MCC Philippines, along with memories of starting the first Manila Pride March in 1994, Fr. Richard took the time to share these reflections and others with me recently concerning his involvement with MCC.

Fr. Richard at the 2009 Manila Pride March

Click here to read Fr. Richard’s interview

Interview with Rev. Ceejay Agbayani, MCCQC Clergy

The Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) is an international Christian denomination that reaches out to the LGBT community.  There are MCC churches around the world, including four churches in the Philippines.  Rev. Ceejay Agbayani is a clergy member of the MCC church in Quezon City, and led this year’s candle light vigil at the 2009 Manila Pride March.

Rev. Ceejay was kind enough to answer some questions concerning MCC and the recent pride parade. 

Rev. Ceejay at Manila Pride March, 2009

Click here to read Rev. Ceejay’s interview

Interview with Bruce Portugal Amoroto, President-Coordinator of TEAM PILIPINAS

Visiting the 2009 Manila Pride March was a hugely positive experience.  As you can see from the pics, the parade was full of energy and color.  Many thanks to all the members of the Philippines LGBT community who have made the experience so welcoming.

Even before the march, we’d been in contact with several individuals that helped us get connected with the community.  One of these persons was Bruce Portugal Amoroto, a gay activist living in Manila.  Bruce is the President-Coordinator of the Philippine Forum on Sports, Culture, Sexuality and Human Rights (TEAM PILIPINAS), Vice President of the Gay and Lesbian Asia Pacific Sport Association (GLISA Asia Pacific), and a member of the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association (GLISA) International Board of Directors.  And, most recently Bruce has been kind enough to answer some questions I posed him about TEAM PILIPINAS, the “I Am Not Immoral” project, and his thoughts on this year’s pride parade.


Click here to read Bruce Amoroto’s interview