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‘Pride 2009′ — Music of a Movement

Watch this ~ it’s an excellent video created in 2009 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Stonewall.  It shows pictures and video clips of pride over the decades, and goes with the song ‘Pride 2009.’  Similar to the style of, “We didn’t start the fire,” it’s a quick song, and you’ll probably need to see the lyrics to know exactly what they are saying, but check it out for yourself …!

The ‘Pride 2009′ song is from the album: Pride at 40: The Music of a Movement

Pride at 40: The Music of a Movement

1. PRIDE 2009 (Jon Gilbert Leavitt feat. Freddy Freeman and Kevin Hannan) — The lyrics to the song are available here, and
2. SOFABED (Kevin Hannan)
3. STARBUCKS BOY (David Brown)
4. HOWL (Jon Gilbert Leavitt)
5. MITHLI MITHLAK (Jon Gilbert Leavitt)
6. NOTHING BUT LOVE (Freddy Freeman feat. Jay Freeman and Charles K. Brown)
7. PRIDE 2009 BROOKLYN MIX (Jon Gilbert Leavitt)

It’s created by JGL Songs: http://www.jglsongs.com/pride.html

Sydney Mardi Gras … in 3 minutes

Oooo – this is pretty cool! It’s a trippy 3 minute video byKeith Loutit showing last year’s Sydney Mardi Gras.

I’m not sure of the specifics, but the below equation on his website explains the basics…

Loutiit’s Mardi Gras Video: Video + Tilt-Shift + Time Lapse + Mardi Gras (in Australia)