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View ‘Images Against Homophobia’ – Online Exhibition

View the online slideshow of the ‘Images Against Homophobia’ exhibiton!           Click Here!

Images Against Homophobia
Online Exhibition

Pink Pages Cover

The special Pride issue of Pink Pages, India’s national gay and lesbian magazine, will be coming out this weekend.  One of Chad’s images was chosen for the cover, and an article about the WWP project is featured inside.

We greatly appreciate the support – and thanks to everyone there!

Pink Pages, India's National Gay and Lesbian Magazine

Journal Entry: March 25, 2010 – Travel Preparations

Late on the evening of May 5, we’ll be arriving in Vilnius, Lithuania, to document the 2010 Baltic Pride Festival. Baltic pride will be the first of about 30 world pride parades we will be photographing during just over a year of travel. We’ll be writing more about LGBT rights in Lithuania, and details about the march, as we get closer to its’ date.

Vista of Vilnius

A picture of Vilnius (from wikimedia)

However, before we arrive there is still much to take care. We are both currently passport-less … we’ve had to send them away with our visa applications in order to obtain entry to Belarus (our 2nd stop). Thankfully most of the other places we’ll be visiting allow entry for 30 days without visas.

Booking tickets, quitting jobs, and selling household items are also things that must be done, and sooner rather than later. We are getting rid of our apartment when we leave Taiwan, so everything we are not bringing with us must go. It is a little difficult to part with some things, Chad always looks especially miserable when discussing plans to sell his motorcycle. Yet, I think in the end we both feel so extremely fortunate to have this opportunity … an amazing opportunity to travel around the globe documenting a year’s worth of pride, any hassle we must deal with now is well worth it.  At least I keep telling myself that as I sort through ever growing piles of collected junk … !

WWP Project Featured on the Outrage Magazine GayZine

The WWP project is very honored to be featured on the Outrage Magazine GayZine.

“Outrage Magazine is the first online publication for the Filipino gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and ally (GLBTQIA) community, and aims to be the complete sourcebook for everyone queer.”

Check out the full article at:

Outrage Magazine – “Walk with Pride: Capturing History”

Gay Pride image of OutRage Magazine, the Philippines only GayZine.

Fair Day in Victoria Park

Getting to Victoria Park is no easy task.  Well it should be, but it wasn’t.  My hotel, which advertises on their website to being a Mardi Gras and LGBT community supporter knew nothing about the event, or where Victoria Park was.  I then just headed down to the city, where two taxi drivers told me they had never heard of the park, and that I must have the name wrong.  Luckily, after about 40 minutes, a police officer pointed me in the right direction.

Now, I’ve heard about the Aussie sun before, but now I know the true meaning of “Being Naked.”  It was hot, and not a cloud in the sky.  The park was full of music, food, promotional and awareness booths, a pet show, games,  and just friends getting together for a regular day in the park.  

It was a long day, but a very interesting introduction to Sydney.  The community here is much more established, and free than in Taiwan and the Philippines.  For me it had a much different feel, and I am still trying to put my finger on it.  Still jet-lagged and sunburnt, I slowly made the walk back to King’s Cross, and passed out in my bunk.

(Travel Experiences of WWP Photographer ~ Charles Meacham)

Well here I am in Sydney.

Yeah, so I had the times a bit confused in Darwin, and here I am in Sydney.  The King’s Cross area is a lot like other backpacker havens, so getting settled in hasn’t been that much of an adjustment.  Sydney is of course a huge city and the idea that I am showing up to try to photograph so many events is a little overwhelming at times.  Tomorrow is Fair Day, which is one of the main events of Mardi Gras.  Tens of thousands are going to be showing up in Victoria Park, and I am hoping for some good photographs, but for now I have to fight the urge to sleep.  I look forward to meeting a lot of the community here, which has been so good in helping me try to get a grasp of what is to come.   Don’t sleep Chad, don’t sleep.

(Travel Experiences of WWP Photographer ~ Charles Meacham)

Where Women Glow and Men Thunder

Where am I again?

It’s 5am in Darwin, Australia, and I’m sitting in the airport having an average cup of coffee and an over-priced sandwich that looks nothing like the picture, as my bloodshot eyes stare out into space.  I’ve spent the last 2 days almost entirely in airports, and I have another 5 hours on this lay-over before my flight takes off for Sydney.  For the next 8 days I will be photographing the huge Mardi Gras event…..oh I think they are boarding….I’ll write more when I get there.

(Travel Experiences of WWP Photographer ~ Charles Meacham)

Launch of 2010 Pride Parade Calendar

Have you ever wondered what a pride parade in Japan looks like, or what about a march in S. Africa, Lithuania, the USA, Greece, Mexico, India, or any of the other countries around the globe?

These questions got me thinking, and with the help of WordPress, YouTube, and many many many hours online and on Excel, I’ve been able to develop a one of a kind 2010 pride parade calendar.  Searchable by country and by month, this huge database is special  in that it provides embedded video clips of pride parades for each country.  While some 2010 dates have not yet been confirmed by their pride organizations, these parades are marked with a “*” and dates are generated based on 2009 data.  If you have any comments, or would like to submit a link – make sure to email us: [email protected]

2010 Pride Parade Calendar of LGBT Gay March Events around the Globe

Besides providing a well-organized list of pride parades to visitors, this website was additionally created to support pride-related advertisers.  All ad-revenue and donations from this site will directly contribute toward supporting the project’s travel costs.   We will also be developing a pride store, in which links to unique pride gear from businesses around the globe will be provided.

Okay, that’s enough of me describing it, why don’t you visit the website for yourself and tell us your feedback …


Walk with Pride – 2010 Trip Plan

Last Sunday, Chad and I sat down with two internet connected laptops, a map of the world, and a huge self-made list of 2010 pride parades.  We worked diligently, breaking only a few times for coffee/snack runs, and were able to create a working travel plan for this trip.  By the time we officially start the project, we will have already documented 3 parades – Taipei, Manila, and Sydney.  In May, we will start our continuous travel.  The WWP trip will be broken into two parts, the first half will focus on Europe and Asia, and we expect to photograph at least 12 parades.  The second part of the trip will include the Cape Town, S. Africa, pride march, and will focus mainly on events in South and North America.  I’m very excited to begin, our journey is now exactly 100 days away. (!)

Project Concept:

Each year gay pride festivals are held around the globe with the purpose of empowering those in the LGBT community to be proud of their sexual orientation & gender identity, and to increase their visibility within the wider community.  Annual pride parades have become a powerful part of these pride festivals, as they are a positive and entertaining way to unite a diverse group of people, while bringing out family, friends, and heterosexual supporters in a demonstrative show of solidarity.

The “Walk with Pride” Project was created to  spend a year photographing a variety of pride parades from well-established marches to grass-roots festivals, in order to capture imagery that visualizes the similarities and differences in gay rights and gay communities around the world.  The project’s main aim is to promote LGBT pride on an international scale, and to increase awareness by the heterosexual community regarding basic human right issues.

This is a gay issue.
This is a straight issue.
This is a human rights issue.

Planned Itinerary:

8 May, 2010 (Baltic Pride – Vilnius, Lithuania)
15 May, 2010 (Slavic Pride – Minsk, Belarus
22 May, 2010 (GayFest ’10 – Bucharest, Romania)* confirming date

5 June, 2010 (Athens Pride – Athens, Greece)
19 June, 2010 (Dublin Pride – Dublin, Ireland)* confirming date
27 June, 2010 (Jerusalem Pride – Jerusalem, Israel)* confirming date

3 July, 2010 (London Pride – London, England)
17 July, 2010 (Europride – Warsaw, Poland)
24 July, 2010 (CSD Saarbrücken – Saarbrücken, Germany)* confirming date
31 July, 2010 (Stockholm Pride – Stockholm, Sweden)

7 Aug, 2010 (Amsterdam Pride – Amsterdam, Netherlands)
14 Aug, 2010 (Queer Azaadi – Mumbai, India)

We will publish dates for the second part of our trip at a later time.

Wish us good luck, we’ll need it ;) !

Update – A Cold Winter Day

It’s a cold Taipei day, frigid, even though the sun is out.  I’ve just returned from the morning part of my job and now I have roughly four hours before returning to the afternoon/evening part.  And, it’s like this everyday, except Sunday, my day off.  I’ve set aside these hours, like most of my spare time these days, to working on this WWP photo-project.  I think that’s one of the most challenging parts of this project, so far at least, that ongoing struggle to balance time.  I have no doubt Chad would also agree on that point.

I’m sure anyone who is reading this has experienced these same feelings and this situation.  That moment when you are deeply involved in a project you’re working on and enjoy, just to realize – time’s up.  Instead, time to rush off to work, that necessity that funds everything else.  Part of the challenge of developing the WWP photo-project is that it is both self-motivated and self-funded.  Since it is self-motivated, this means we both eagerly accept devoting our free time and off hours to working on what I hope is a quality website and blog that can properly showcase Chad’s photos and promote the goals of the project.  It also means working extra hours, and spending time on the, as of yet unsuccessful, search for backers and partners.  However, I firmly believe in this project  - and I think it really will look inspiring and fantastic once we have collected beautiful and provocative images of pride marches from around the globe.

Expect to see a new site coming soon, a pride calendar that lists 2010 world pride marches.  We will be linking it to our main project site, and it will list pride parades by country along with accompanying YouTube videos.  To help fund the project, we will be offering advertising banner placements and other promotional opportunities on the website, so contact us for more information if you, or an organization  you know, might be interested.

Well, that’s an update on what’s going on so far.

But first, I think some hot chocolate is just what’s required for this cold winter day …