Country Details: Gay Rights and Culture in Russia

Country Details: Gay Rights and Culture in Russia

Russia LGBT Rights:

Homosexual Acts Legal? Yes

Same-sex Relationships Recognized? No

Same-sex Marriages Allowed? No

Same-sex Adoption Allowed? Not really

◊ If you are single you can adopt children regardless of sexual orientation, but same-sex couples can not adopt children

Can Gays Serve Openly in the Military? Yes, since 1993

◊ However, do to homophobia in the military, most choose not to serve openly.

Anti-discrimination Laws? No

Legislature Concerning Gender Identity? Yes

Transexual and Transgender people can change their legal gender after undergoing medical procedures.

Cultural Points of Interest:

“Cracks in the Iron Closet: Travels in Gay and Lesbian Russia” is a book by David Tuller describing his travels exploring the underground gay world in Russia.


Gay Russia is a Human Rights portal for the LGBT community in Russia.  It was founded by activist Nikolai Alekseev, and aims to raise awareness about LGBT issues in Russia. – A forum and community site for the Russian LGBT community.  The website has information in both Russian and English, and over 15,000 articles/documents providing information for visitors to

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