Walk with Pride – 2010 Trip Plan

Last Sunday, Chad and I sat down with two internet connected laptops, a map of the world, and a huge self-made list of 2010 pride parades.  We worked diligently, breaking only a few times for coffee/snack runs, and were able to create a working travel plan for this trip.  By the time we officially start the project, we will have already documented 3 parades – Taipei, Manila, and Sydney.  In May, we will start our continuous travel.  The WWP trip will be broken into two parts, the first half will focus on Europe and Asia, and we expect to photograph at least 12 parades.  The second part of the trip will include the Cape Town, S. Africa, pride march, and will focus mainly on events in South and North America.  I’m very excited to begin, our journey is now exactly 100 days away. (!)

Project Concept:

Each year gay pride festivals are held around the globe with the purpose of empowering those in the LGBT community to be proud of their sexual orientation & gender identity, and to increase their visibility within the wider community.  Annual pride parades have become a powerful part of these pride festivals, as they are a positive and entertaining way to unite a diverse group of people, while bringing out family, friends, and heterosexual supporters in a demonstrative show of solidarity.

The “Walk with Pride” Project was created to  spend a year photographing a variety of pride parades from well-established marches to grass-roots festivals, in order to capture imagery that visualizes the similarities and differences in gay rights and gay communities around the world.  The project’s main aim is to promote LGBT pride on an international scale, and to increase awareness by the heterosexual community regarding basic human right issues.

This is a gay issue.
This is a straight issue.
This is a human rights issue.

Planned Itinerary:

8 May, 2010 (Baltic Pride – Vilnius, Lithuania)
15 May, 2010 (Slavic Pride – Minsk, Belarus
22 May, 2010 (GayFest ’10 – Bucharest, Romania)* confirming date

5 June, 2010 (Athens Pride – Athens, Greece)
19 June, 2010 (Dublin Pride – Dublin, Ireland)* confirming date
27 June, 2010 (Jerusalem Pride – Jerusalem, Israel)* confirming date

3 July, 2010 (London Pride – London, England)
17 July, 2010 (Europride – Warsaw, Poland)
24 July, 2010 (CSD Saarbrücken – Saarbrücken, Germany)* confirming date
31 July, 2010 (Stockholm Pride – Stockholm, Sweden)

7 Aug, 2010 (Amsterdam Pride – Amsterdam, Netherlands)
14 Aug, 2010 (Queer Azaadi – Mumbai, India)

We will publish dates for the second part of our trip at a later time.

Wish us good luck, we’ll need it ;) !

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