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Gay Pride Signs – Inspiration from Manila

Playing around with Photoshop, Chad created these signs the other day.  They are based on some of the signs held up during the Manila pride march.
What do you think?


Anti-Gay Pride Protest in Manila

Photograph by Charles Meacham

New Alternative:

Gay Pride Signs


Anti-Gay Protest Sign

Photograph by Charles Meacham

New Alternative:

Gay Pride Sign

A little more positive don’t you think.

(Just a reminder, email/Facebook us any examples of your favorite pride slogans or posters, we’d like to post them!)

Best Pro-Gay Protest Signs, part 1

I was looking online today to see what pride signs I could find.  Though most are pretty spread out across the Internet, I did find some good ones.  Please send me your favorites, I’d love to post them.

Gay Pride Protest SignFrom: The 50 Best Protest Signs of 2009

Gay Pride Protest SigFrom: The 50 Best Protest Signs of 2009

Gay Pride Protest SignFrom: The 50 Best Protest Signs of 2009

Gay Pride Protest Sign

From: Political Humor

Gay Pride Protest SignFrom: Political Humor

And of course, here are some of our favorites from the Manila pride parade:

Gay Pride Sign

Photograph by Charles Meacham

Gay Pride Sign

Photograph by Charles Meacham

Photograph by Charles Meacham

You can find even more ideas for gay protest signs at: Join the Impact

Or, lots of the products available at Top Pun’s Rainbow Store also display gay pride slogans.

If you want to check out the opposition, Queeried (GLBT News and Lifestyle Magazine) has posted on article showing 10 signs from the anti-gay side, here.

Send me your favorite gay pride posters,
and I’ll share them on the blog! :D

Rainbow Flag-tastic (continued)

While they both no longer appear in the Guinness Book of World Records (here’s the new record holder), two rainbow flags created by Gilbert Baker have held the title of “Largest Flag in the world.”

The first of these record holding rainbow flags was sewn into existence in 1994.  Baker produced a mile-long  (1.6km) flag for  New York’s Stonewall 25 march, in remembrance of the 25th anniversary of the riots.  This massive flag was 30 feet wide, and was carried in the pride parade by almost 10,000 people.

The mile long flag’s title of largest flag was nullified in 2003 with the production of the Rainbow 25’s sea-to-sea flag.  At 1 ¼ miles (2 km) long, this massive flag pays tribute to the creation of the first pride flag on its 25th anniversary.  Unfurled on June 15, 2003 in Key West, Florida, the flag ran the length of Key West’s Duval Street, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico.

Key West Rainbow Flag Information
After the event, this historic flag was divided into pieces and shared with pride organizations around the world, including as I was recently informed with ProGay Philippines – congrats!

I tried to find a video clip showing the flag, but I didn’t have much luck.  However, I did find a documentary that was produced about the whole Key West event …  (available on Amazon, here.)

“In Key West, nobody cares who you want to sleep with.” “You have gays, straights, Europeans, Latin Americans, Blacks, Cubans, and White folks all living together on a 2 by 4 mile island. When you put people that close together, they tend to find ways to get along.” And on this amazing island only 90 miles from Cuba, this very diverse community celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Rainbow Flag by stretching the longest Rainbow Flag in history — 8000 feet in all -from one end of the island to the other.”
Key West: City of Colors, DVD description

I did find some pictures of the event, they’re from the site:

Creation of the Key West Rainbow Flag

Baker creating the Rainbow25 sea-to-sea flag

Key West Rainbow Flag

Marchers carrying the flag (Key West, 2003)

Key West Rainbow Flag


Rainbow Flag, and Gilbert Baker interview.

At each pride march, rainbow flags are proudly carried, but what are the origins?

Gilber Baker was the creator of the original pride flag.  Living in San Francisco, he was skilled at sewing, and friends with Harvey Milk and others in the Gay Rights activists, who often called on him to create banners for the movement.

Baker designed, and hand-dyed with the help of 30 or so others, the first rainbow flags which appeared at the San Francisco pride parade on June 25, 1978.  This first flags had eight stripes, hot pink for sexuality, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, turquoise for magic/art, indigo for serenity/harmony, and violet for spirit.

gay rights activists in taipei taiwan

Gay Rights Activists in Taipei, Taiwan on Oct. 31, 2009, photograph by Charles Meacham

During 1978 as the pride flag became increasingly popular, hot pink was dropped due to the lack of availability of the color.  In 1979 the flag was again modified by dropping the turquoise stripe, so that it would have an even number of stripes.  The rainbow flag is now a proud symbol of the gay rights movement, and is not only found on flags, but t-shirt, bags, and even bottles of Absolute.

Below is an interview with Gilbert Baker where he talks more about the flag’s creation.

‘Pride 2009′ — Music of a Movement

Watch this ~ it’s an excellent video created in 2009 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Stonewall.  It shows pictures and video clips of pride over the decades, and goes with the song ‘Pride 2009.’  Similar to the style of, “We didn’t start the fire,” it’s a quick song, and you’ll probably need to see the lyrics to know exactly what they are saying, but check it out for yourself …!

The ‘Pride 2009′ song is from the album: Pride at 40: The Music of a Movement

Pride at 40: The Music of a Movement

1. PRIDE 2009 (Jon Gilbert Leavitt feat. Freddy Freeman and Kevin Hannan) — The lyrics to the song are available here, and
2. SOFABED (Kevin Hannan)
3. STARBUCKS BOY (David Brown)
4. HOWL (Jon Gilbert Leavitt)
5. MITHLI MITHLAK (Jon Gilbert Leavitt)
6. NOTHING BUT LOVE (Freddy Freeman feat. Jay Freeman and Charles K. Brown)
7. PRIDE 2009 BROOKLYN MIX (Jon Gilbert Leavitt)

It’s created by JGL Songs:

Gay Activists Alliance International

You can now find the WWP project on the
Gay Activists Alliance International website.

GAAI Asia Pacific - Walk with Pride

A main focus of GAAI websites is to put on links to other Equality and Human Rights groups and support groups that may direct people to another essential service in their region as well as articles for the website.

The GAAI campaigns revolve around anything that we believe affects the rights oof Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexual and other Gender Variant people–equally the GAAI highlight and campaign for Womens Rights (regardless of sexualality) and the World AIDS Campaign (WAC) – Dennis H., GAAI co-founder.

To see the other resources available on their website, the link is:

Walk with Pride – 2010 Trip Plan

Last Sunday, Chad and I sat down with two internet connected laptops, a map of the world, and a huge self-made list of 2010 pride parades.  We worked diligently, breaking only a few times for coffee/snack runs, and were able to create a working travel plan for this trip.  By the time we officially start the project, we will have already documented 3 parades – Taipei, Manila, and Sydney.  In May, we will start our continuous travel.  The WWP trip will be broken into two parts, the first half will focus on Europe and Asia, and we expect to photograph at least 12 parades.  The second part of the trip will include the Cape Town, S. Africa, pride march, and will focus mainly on events in South and North America.  I’m very excited to begin, our journey is now exactly 100 days away. (!)

Project Concept:

Each year gay pride festivals are held around the globe with the purpose of empowering those in the LGBT community to be proud of their sexual orientation & gender identity, and to increase their visibility within the wider community.  Annual pride parades have become a powerful part of these pride festivals, as they are a positive and entertaining way to unite a diverse group of people, while bringing out family, friends, and heterosexual supporters in a demonstrative show of solidarity.

The “Walk with Pride” Project was created to  spend a year photographing a variety of pride parades from well-established marches to grass-roots festivals, in order to capture imagery that visualizes the similarities and differences in gay rights and gay communities around the world.  The project’s main aim is to promote LGBT pride on an international scale, and to increase awareness by the heterosexual community regarding basic human right issues.

This is a gay issue.
This is a straight issue.
This is a human rights issue.

Planned Itinerary:

8 May, 2010 (Baltic Pride – Vilnius, Lithuania)
15 May, 2010 (Slavic Pride – Minsk, Belarus
22 May, 2010 (GayFest ’10 – Bucharest, Romania)* confirming date

5 June, 2010 (Athens Pride – Athens, Greece)
19 June, 2010 (Dublin Pride – Dublin, Ireland)* confirming date
27 June, 2010 (Jerusalem Pride – Jerusalem, Israel)* confirming date

3 July, 2010 (London Pride – London, England)
17 July, 2010 (Europride – Warsaw, Poland)
24 July, 2010 (CSD Saarbrücken – Saarbrücken, Germany)* confirming date
31 July, 2010 (Stockholm Pride – Stockholm, Sweden)

7 Aug, 2010 (Amsterdam Pride – Amsterdam, Netherlands)
14 Aug, 2010 (Queer Azaadi – Mumbai, India)

We will publish dates for the second part of our trip at a later time.

Wish us good luck, we’ll need it ;) !

Getting Ready for Sydney, Part 2

The Sydney pride parade is now just over a month away, and we are busy making preparations for the trip.  Chad will be arriving in Sydney a week before the parade in hopes of photographing some side stories to go along with the march.  The Mardi Gras website is great for finding additional activities that are part of the pride festival.  There’s a huge range of events including ‘Queer Thinking’ discussion sessions, musical/theater/and cabaret performances, Fair Day with 70,000 people hanging out for a day at the park, and the huge Mardi Gras Gay and Lesbian parade, followed by Harbour Day – a large outdoor party.  This year, the artist Spencer Tunick will also be in Sydney working on a large scale art piece called “The Base” – Tunick is famous for large scale photographs where he asks thousands of nude individuals to participate.

Visit the main Mardi Gras – Events page for a complete list:

Mardi Gras

These are just some of the events taking place at the 2010 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival, Feb 19 - Mar 7, 2010

Virtual Pride

Virtual Pride on Proudmmoore
Wow! Pride parades have gone virtual.   For the last 5 years an annual pride parade has been held on the Proudmoore server in War of Warcraft.

The event, held each June, includes a pre-parade party, march, user-created parade float competition, model competition, and a post-parade dance party.  Here’s a video of last year’s festivities.

Lego video

Here’s a cute video clip – pride parade lego style.