Deciding to develop a project that highlights the vibrancy of gay culture, while advancing a positive message concerning rights for homosexuals has prompted many family and friends to raise a few eyebrows. This is especially so as Chad and I acknowledge being a heterosexual couple. However, I don’t think it should.

Initially, for doing this project we were attracted to the colorfulness of many personalities in the gay community, and the festivity of the marches.  Pride parades are some of the most visible representation of gay pride and the beauty of diversity.  We also saw that underneath the pageantry lie some serious issues concerning equality.  As we both firmly believe that the subject concerning rights is not only a gay issue, but a human issue, it makes perfect sense to do this project.

We would like people, no matter their orientation, to similarly see the issues in this light.  In this way, our hope is to encourage even those who may feel at first removed from the topic of gay rights to become more aware, and distressed at the current state of inequality.

Walk with Pride

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